i am in a car right now

Friday, October 15, 2010

going away for the weekend :)
...meeting up with Erica,
(my Vienna twin & former other half).

i am sitting in a car,
using the internet.
to quote something my mom says all the time,
"isn't technology amazing?!"
i have a wifi stick,
which means i can use the internet
wherever i want.
trains, cars, anywhere.
...just not an apartment in rural bavaria,
where virtually NO signal is received.

i got these gloves in the mail today
from my "oldest sister" darolyn.
i am loving the fact that
i'm still receiving birthday packages
2 weeks after my birthday!

i have to back to work now.
and by "work",
i mean watching kanye's recent SNL performances
on youtube.
really into the monochromatic red look we have going on right now...

1 comment:

Jan said...

Soooo glad you got your package!! We are in Branson right now in the cutest Bed & Breakfast!! I'll send you pictures soon. Love you, MOM