Monday, February 28, 2011

You know that thing where you list 7 facts about yourself and then tag other people?
Well, I was tagged by these cute girls: Vintch & The Many Colours of Happiness.
Here are my facts....presently a little differently than last time.

7 facts...some true, some false:

1. If I buy a box of cereal, I will most likely consume the whole box in one sitting (I get this from my dad).
2. I am the world's worst procrastinator (I also get this from my dad).
3. Sometimes, I can be a liiiiiittle too irrational about, well, lots of things (are we seeing a pattern here, dad? just kidding....kinda).
4. I am the youngest child and I have been told that I'm quite spoiled (which explains truth#3...and while we're on the topic, my dad is also the youngest, hmmmm...just sayin'.)
5. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to Nutella but that doesn't stop me from occasionally submerging my face in the jar and/or eating it by the heaping spoonful (come to think of sound familiar? think: brownie pans.)
6. Salzburg is not my favorite city in the world. Why would you ever think that?
7. I would never consider using a chair as a coat rack for my 25+ coats and jackets. That's just silly.

Yes, obvioulsy 1-5 are true and 6&7 are false. Big surprise.
Oh and you know how I'm always wearing one of these headbands/earwarmers?
(My friend Emily calls them topless hats. I love it.)
Well, I've gotten quite a few comments asking me where to find them....
So, tomorrow, there will be a giveaway here....for a custom made earwarmer
via one of my favorite etsy sellers.
True, not false.

best weekend plans i've had in a long, long time

Thursday, February 24, 2011

hey, hey -
remember this post?'s the end of february now, isn't it?

see all those clothes behind me?
currently packing, packing, packing away
because tomorrow morning i hop on a train.
tomorrow, i am salzburg bound once again.
very few occasions actually warrant the phrase "dream come true"
but me+caroline+kayla+lindsay + salzburg = a dream come true.

i have butterflies in my tummy.

Mandy's Railway Diner: Heidelberg, Germany

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leaving Mannheim, Taylor and her husband took me to Mandy's Railway Diner in Heidelberg for breakfast on my last day! As you can see below, the “diner” is actually a de-railed train-turned-restaurant and it's most definitely marketed toward Americans. The decor was 50s and 60s USA (there was a vintage barbie marking the girls' bathroom and a vintage GI joe marking the boys'), the menu was in English and the meals were so American, (minus the grease and minus the 'I kinda want to throw up after eating this' post-meal regret). I ordered a veggie omelet, hashbrowns, toast with jam and then discovered the meal came with an extra plate of French toast and syrup (I was too excited by this to photograph extra plate). Needless to say, I will be visiting Taylor again (hopefully sooner rather than later) and I'm thinking another trip to this diner will be on the itinerary...

changin' it up.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

that black skirt + tights/leggings + legwarmers + boots, etc. combo looks even better
when you add movie (caramel) popcorn to the mix.
(i've always been good at accessorizing).

that's right, i carried the popcorn all the way home from the theater.
i'm resourceful with my food.
or maybe just with my caramel corn.

in related news,
the king's speech is awesome
(as if the world didn't already know that).
you'll hear me say this time and time again
but i love biopics.
pretty sure i watched the last 3 minutes with full-body goosebumps.
colin firth, if you're reading this,
you better win that oscar.

Conversations with a Polish boy, Part 2.

Monday, February 21, 2011

him: hey, niiiiice tights!
me: thanks!
him: keep up the good work!
him: ....keep buying tights like that. obviously.
[should i be insulted? keep in mind, this is coming from the boy who likes these hats.]

me: can i have a yogurt?
him: yes. what kind?
me: what kind do you have?
him: blueberry, plum and peach.
me: either blueberry or plum. not peach.
(60 seconds later)
him: sorry, princess, but i couldn't find you a blueberry yogurt so you have to choose between the plum and the peach and you really just have the peach because the plum expired a month ago.
[a few weeks ago, i jokingly told him that it's common for american girls to be called "princess."  obviously, the sarcasm was lost on him; the tone was not sensed.]

him: none of my friends like the original flavored pringles.....i don't know why.
me: (silence)
[keep in mind nothing was said to provoke this comment...he was sitting, staring into space and then these words were spoken.... i nodded politely.]

him: we're not seeing the movie at helios, we're seeing it at multikino.
me: what?! does multikino have caramel corn?
him: i think so...they might just have regular popcorn, though.
me: i hate regular poprcorn. i want caramel corn. like the kind from helios.
him: hey, missy, don't be so spoiled. if we get there and they don't have it, i'll buy you a pony.
me: i don't want a pony. can't eat a pony.
[oh, don't worry. i got my caramel corn.]

look familiar?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

keep in mind this is a different cardigan, shirt and skirt than the last outfit i was seen wearing; i wasn't kidding when i said i wear the same outfit every day.

just thought you should know.

a skype conversation

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lindsay: What are you doing?
Me: Oh, I've been laying in my bed since 5:00 PM. And it's 9:00 PM. That's 4 hours.
Lindsay: Eh, that's not so bad.
Me: I'm watching How I Met Your Mother. And I don't want to do anything. Don't want to clean, don't want to do laundry, don't want to do dishes. I've done NOTHING all day. I need to do something.
Lindsay: Well you went to work today...that's something.
Me: That's true. I still need to do something else to feel productive, though...... Got it. Be right back. I have to go eat some peanut butter out of the jar.

Can I please just say that I go to the gym all the time and since I don't own a car or bike, I walk virtually everywhere? That's my justification for doing things like laying in bed for 4 hours.....or maybe more.

my best friend gets married one month from today.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My best friend Kaitlyn is getting married next month
(and no, I can't fly home for the wedding)
((and no, I don't want to talk about it)).
I love the Save the Date she chose for me me.

She and her fiancee searched high and low through various antique shops
so that they could send each guest a unique, vintage post card
with their date stamped on the back.
(You should have heard me explaining this to my German friend here German.
Pretty sure she had NO idea what I was talking about.)

The special thing about mine is...
Kaitlyn and I have been here!

We went to Titisee in the Schwarzwald summer of 2008.
So many memories from that trip...

I carry this around with me in my planner.
I showed it to a friend the other day in Poland and he said,
''They are getting married on the 3rd day of the 18th month? What?''
Yeah... the European date format is different from the American one.
I forgot to mention that when I showed him.
Oh, cultural differences...
how much entertainment you bring to our lives.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

0: The number of winter days I have spent not wearing the above outfit

Okay, I guess that is a slight exaggeration and sometimes I do pull out the skinnies or those black high-waisted jeans I’ve been wearing on a weekly basis since 2006, but I’d say 5 days out of 7 it’s a high-waisted mini skirt+leggings/tights+legwarmers+boots along with the signature horizontal striped item on the upper half of my body and always, always a cardigan. (Not pictured: my token american apparel circle scarf in either blue, yellow or brown). Basically, someone could be me for Halloween and it wouldn't be that hard.

2: The number of days since Christmas I have spent not wearing my Steve Madden boots

This is actually not an exaggeration. One day I wore my Asic Tigers and one day I wore my Polish black boots (seen above)…the rest of the days have belonged to my brown Steve Maddens.

5: number of minutes it took me to get ready for work yesterday morning

I have to leave my house every morning at 7:20 if I want to get to school on time. I pressed snooze a few too many times, woke up at 7:15 and somehow managed to get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair/makeup and put in my contacts in 5 minutes flat. I'm still wondering how this happened.

2: The number of women I’ve witnessed publicly putting on deodorant within the last 24 hours

I’m not talking about the gym locker room; I’m talking about train stations and school hallways. Excuse me? Is this normal and I just didn’t realize it?!?

90: The percentage of my students whose English abilities surpass my German abilities

Seriously, America. Germany’s school system is kind of a force to be reckoned with. You might want to think about this. (Although I still stand behind my convictions against the Gymnasium/Hauptschule/Realschule separations...if you're not familiar with German education, ignore this statement.)

That's all!

" you have any american food here?"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

europe is great.
obviously, i think so...
...or else i would've moved home by now.
but sometimes (and only sometimes)
i miss american food.
and by "american food",
i mean
processed, sugary, artificially flavored, absolutely-no-good-for-you crap.
...junk food, if you will.

when i spent the weekend with taylor and her husband in mannheim,
i stayed at their house on base
(her husband is in the military).
we walked into their house and i realized...
their cabinets must be stocked with american food.
after all,
they shop at the commissary,
which exists to make soldiers and their wives
feel at home in a foreign country
by providing them with their american grocery needs.

taylor said to me me,
"of course we have american food! what would you like?"
my first response was,
"graham crackers and milk. do you have that?"
sure enough, she did.
she watched as i ate the graham crackers and milk like cereal
and politely commented,
"oh, wow. i don't think i've ever seen anyone do that before..."
i forget sometimes that this isn't normal.
all i have to say in regards to that behavior is:
i am my father's daughter.

moving on...

after that little snack,
i wanted cookies;
chocolate chip cookies (also with milk).
no, not the kind made from scratch...
the kind made from a betty crocker mix, of course.
taylor had that, too, thank goodness.

moral of the story:
sometimes, it's just plain necessary
to forego the organic, fresh produce and whole foods europe has to offer
and take a little cullinary trip back to america
(aka the most obese country in the world)
and it's for this exact reason
that when my mom sends me care packages from home,
i can eat the bag of chex mix in one sitting.

oh, and did i mention this weekend was so fun?

a saturday in mannheim

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this is taylor.

we were great friends in elementary school,
good friends in middle school,
friends in high school
and then we never spoke again.
literally, not even emails or facebook.
(she moved to florida to go to college on a soccer scholarship.)
((and i'm also really bad at keeping in touch.))
fast forward 5 years to the year 2011.
i found out via facebook that she's recently married,
living in germany....
hey, i live in germany.
i message her and ask her where exactly in germany?
she replies.
turns out,
she lives just a hop, skip and a jump away from me.
so i hopped/skipped/jumped on a train (a couple of weeks ago)
and spent the weekend with her and her husband.
it was one of my favorite weekends
in a long, long time.
{more photos to come.}

vienna on a sunday

Monday, February 14, 2011

went to church at st. stephen's cathedral
(and i'm not even catholic!)

ate cake for breakfast (you heard me) at the famous hotel sacher

showed erin around kaertner strasse
(1 of vienna's top 2 shopping streets)

tried/failed to explain to her the history behind the plague monument

took her to one of my fav. vienna sites, Schonbr├╝nn palace
(went inside and toured it, too)

and the highlight of my entire weekend:

vienna is a huge city, alright? 1.5 million people. erin and i wanted to do a little "night out" - dinner and a movie (my absolute favorite kind of "night out"). we were seated at vapiano, waiting...waiting...waiting for our buzzer to go off. after 30 minutes, i stormed up to the counter, ready to voice a complaint (and in german, too!). after all, we had a movie to see. we'd already bought the tickets, we had somewhere to be. we were not missing the movie and i was not leaving until i got my pizza (i'm a force to be reckoned with when mom tells me it's been this way forever).

as i was approaching the counter to complain, i boss's wife. (yes, the boss who brought me to vienna and allowed me to have the summer of a lifetime. the boss who made me want to work to the best of my ability every day. maybe the best boss i'll ever have. that boss. i loved my boss.) i gave his wife a double-take and then she recognized me. i asked, "is [your husband] here?!" she said, "yeah, he's right there!". i looked up and saw my boss standing in line and wanted to cry. it was so good to see them. getting to know him and his wife was such a fun part of my summer and seeing them again brought back so many memories (fun fact: they are in their late 30s and a picture-perfect couple....erica & i used to love seeing the glamorous outfits she wore to work each day!).

that's not the best part, though. the best part was when i said, "i can't believe i just ran into to you both! this is so random, i'm so happy to see you!" and his wife, jokingly, asked me, "you're not by any chance going to see a movie after this, are you?". i looked at her with wide eyes and nodded. "the rachel mcadams one?", she asked me. more wide-eyed nodding. "at the theater down the street!?" again, more wide-eyed nodding. "us, too!", she laughed.

and that was the highlight of my weekend.

vienna at night

Sunday, February 13, 2011

{this post is going to be a total brag. consider yourself warned.}

when i moved to vienna for my internship,
my housing with the embassy fell through
(long story).
because i wanted this job more than....
well, more than i've wanted most things in life,
i lived as a nomad.
for 4 months.
during that time,
i house sat for various embassy families
who were on vacation.

i lived in 8 different homes over the course of 16 weeks;
some for no longer than a week
others for much longer than a week.
i didn't have to pay for housing the whole summer
and i got to live in incredibly beautiful homes
fully stocked with movies, food, comfy beds, etc.

the best part, though?
8 different homes.
8 different districts.
i know vienna like the back of my hand.
i know the tram lines, bus lines and u bahn lines
better than i know the streets of my hometown.

i am.......the world's best vienna tour guide.
(not exactly sasha fierce, but close enough).
so a few weeks ago,
i gave erin a little night tour my old city.
it was was awesome...
it was beautiful.
i. love. vienna.

1,2: Operahouse
3,4: Belvedere
5: Schwarzenberg Platz
6: Rathaus
7,8: Parliament

aren't austrians the best?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

i certainly think so.

i have a long-standing love affair with the country of austria,
in case you didn't know
and i love the people, too.

my friend erin and i went to vienna a few weeks ago.
{she is also an american living in germany, teaching english.}
when my old supervisor heard that i was coming back into town,
he insisted on picking me and erin up from the train station.
it was so, so good to see him
i hadn't seen him since the end of august.
(my last day at the embassy was very sad...
...saying goodbye to him was the worst!)

of course, just picking us up from the station
did not seem hospitable enough for dear, sweet manfred
so he took us to lunch
at a traditional, viennese restaurant
(since erin had never been to vienna before)
and of course he and the owner are old friends
(who in vienna is not old friends with manfred?...
...i would like to know)

now, where did we stay?
well, i still have a friend or two left in that city
so when erin and i were planning our trip,
i made my facebook status as follows:
dear vienna, who wants to house me & another girl next weekend?

i've said it before and i'll say it again -
the hospitality of europeans will never cease to amaze and humble me.
sometimes in america, i feel like we just don't trust each other....
maybe it's for good reason, maybe not.
i could tell story after story, though, about european friends taking me in
and never expecting anything in return.
i've found that austrians are especially awesome at this.

this story is no different.
eva's best friend teresa (whom i've met twice in my life)
not only offered her place to me and erin
but stocked it with groceries,
gave us our own key,
made up a bed with the softest, smelly-good sheets
and left haribo gummy bear packages on the pillows.
is she cute or what?

this apartment was nice.
and i mean niiiiiiiice.
like, i-don't-even-want-to-know-how-much-it-costs-per-month nice
and in such an awesome location, too.
and just outside of it?
a polish cafe.
i took a photo, naturally.

you have no idea how good it was to be back in vienna.
i've missed this city more than i realized.
i'm so grateful i could once call it home.
(more photos to come, obviously)

Conversations with a Polish boy, Part 1.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

me: i am going to scream if i see another one of those hats. they are so ridiculous.
him: what? what's wrong with them? i love those hats.
me: excuse me?
him: well, yeah, i wouldn't wear it to the mall or something but i would wear it skiing.
me: you would wear that hat skiing. are you kidding me?
him: no. skiing is a time when you can just be crazy and wear whatever you want. that’s why people go skiing.
me: that is so not the reason people go skiing. that isn't even remotely close to the reason people go skiing.
him: oh really? then why do people go skiing?
me: to go skiing.
[do you think i'm being mean? because this is the hat we're talking about. yes, fake hair and all.]

me: hey, did you get my text message?
him: yes.
me: oh. why didn't you reply?
him: because your text message said, “you have the same first name as Tchaikovsky!”.... and i’ve known that my whole life.
[i mean, i feel like it still warrants a reply, but whatever.]

me: eva sent me the sweetest email earlier. it made me cry.
piotr: how long did you cry for?
[the response i was expecting was, "what did it say?".....but i should know better by now.]

him: do you like me?
me: sure.
him: lucky you.
[it's okay, i don't get it either.]

me: sometimes i still can't believe that heath ledger died.
him: who?
me: heath ledger.
him: oh yeah. he died, unfortunately.
me: ....i know. that's what i just said that.
him: yup. you were correct.

him: if i go to the US, i want to do what my friend did.  when he went to the US, he got little odd jobs. cutting the grass and chopping the wood.
me: excuse me?
him: yeah, just like little jobs here and there.
me: cutting whose grass and chopping what wood?
him: just taking care of people's houses in the area.
me:, well. i'm not sure if i can find grass-cutting and wood-chopping jobs for you. we'd be there for, like, 2 weeks, why would you want a job?
him: just to have some extra money. you know, for the bus and stuff.
me: do you think we ride buses in oklahoma?
him: why wouldn't you ride buses?
me: it's oklahoma. you can either drive a truck or a tractor. no bus.
[no, that is not true.'s kinda true.]

him: hey, whatever you do, don't buy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo if you find the english version.
me: why not?
him: because it is poisoned.
me: poisoned?!
him: yes. it's poisonous.
me: do you mean it’s scary and you think i shouldn't read it? because the word “poisonous” doesn't really fit in this context.
him: no, i mean it is literally hazardous to your health.
me: ………….how.
him: there are little white worms in all of the pages. it’s all over the news. a german book factory was infested with these little worms and they are so small that you can’t see them. apparently, they are pulling that book from the shelves all over bookstores in germany because they’re all infested.
me: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? that is disgusting!
him: i know. so just promise me you will NOT buy it.
me: ok, i won't buy it .........are you being serious, though?
him: no, not at all, i made that up but i bought it for you as part of your valentine's day present so just don't buy it, k?
me: k.
[i really did believe the worm thing.]

because sometimes it's okay to eat nutella and peanut butter straight from the jar(s)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and watch 2 seasons of HIMYM in 2 weeks' time.

My German students and my European friends are obsessed with HIMYM (along with Two and a Half Men - random, right?). Those two shows are all I hear about here. My friend gave me seasons 1-3 of HIMYM so I decided to watch an episode....../the entire first & second seasons.
I. am. addicted. I've discussed this with my American friends here and the thing is - to us, this show isn't that funny. In an age where the Michael Scotts and David Brents of the TV world have re-defined humor, the HIMYM dialogue is pretty flat and a little bit too 90s for my taste (think: Friends/laugh track). It's not really dry at all and a lot of the lines are so predictable and out-dated (and don't even get me started on the wardrobe choices, good gosh). So I'm not sure why I love it. But I love it. I love the characters (Marshall being my favorite - duh) and I am already dreading running out of seasons. I watch one every night before I go to bed and I laugh and laugh and myself.

So.....big thanks to Emily (pictured below).
Without her, none of this would have been possible.
{Meaning, without her, I wouldn't have Seasons 1-3...}

this is a real text message i received today.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And I quote:

"Okay. We have a serious FITNESS attire emergency up in here. Girl wearing full-out makeup, a DRESS, tights and flats, catwalking around the disappointed in the human race right now."

Sent from another American living in Germany, Andy
{pictured below}:

Please note: Andy has never read my blog so I know he didn't see this. Also, the topic of how confusing I find my fellow gym members' wardrobe choices to be has never once come up in conversation between us.
That is to say, this text message was purely out of the blue and - let me tell you - I was laughing out loud when I read it. Glad to know I'm not the only one who witnesses these things. Otherwise, I might suspect I am the subject of some Truman Show-esque social experiment.

Oh, and contrary to what this photo suggests:
1) He is not a major creep.
2) I am not staring at him in loving adoration.

Thank you. That's all.

only in europe, part 3.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

that's me.

just taking an accordion lesson in wurzburg, germany.
no big deal.

two years ago today

Saturday, February 5, 2011

feb. 5, 2009.
i moved from oklahoma, usa to salzburg, austria.
it changed my life, to say the least.

happy birthday to my european life.

pictured in the photo:
me and sandy (a fellow oklahoman)
minutes before we boarded our plane

a letter to all gym members in germany*

Friday, February 4, 2011

*or maybe just the members of my gym

Dear gym members,

I hate to keep playing the, ''This would never happen in America'' card, but let's be honest. You people confuse me sometimes. And I feel the need to address you. Because the things you do (or rather, the things you wear) are so baffling to me that I have to share them. I hope you don't mind. Also, I think it would be best if I address these ''issues'' individually.

So, to the girl working out in black skinny jeans, I want to ask you - Do you need money to buy proper work out clothes? If so, I probably won't give you any but I might give you a pair of my old sweatpants that have holes in them. If I can dig them out of the trash. Those would look better. Really, skin tight denim is not okay at the gym. It just isn't.

To the man working out in a polo shirt and khaki pants, I'd like to ask - Did you just come straight from work? Why are you wearing that? Why?

To the woman wearing jeans and keds on the treadmill - Are you aware that your feet are going to fall off soon? Running in Keds? No...

To the, um, plastic-looking (putting it kindly) woman on the bike machine - I see that you are wearing a bedazzled, studded belt cinched around your waist (which is so tight that I wonder how you can even breathe) as well as the ''diamond'' earrings so long they bounce off your shoulders as you pedal. Yes, I see you. We all see you. And no, we're not impressed. (At least I'm not, but considering the other people in this gym, who even knows what impresses them). Also, maybe 60-year-olds shouldn't dress like that? Just a thought.

To the young man chuggling a 1 liter Coca-Cola while on the Elliptical machine - You. are. stupid. When I drink my pure, ice cold, Alpine water after my work out, I will think of you and feel pity.

And lastly, to the guy running on the treadmill in cargo pants - you look uncomfortable. I think I know why.... it's because you are running in cargo pants.

Are these things normal? I just don't know.


Me (a confused American)

^^ and to think that I was concerned that this oversized, floral t-shirt would stand out at the gym.... when, in reality, i am the least of the fashion police's concerns.

Cafe Mozart

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cafe Mozart is a Salzburg staple.
I don't drink coffee or tea
and I'm not obsessed with cafes in general -
(I know, I know - so European of me)
so I don't love it...but Kayla does!
I do love the atmosphere, however,
and the fact it's on Getreidegasse doesn't hurt...

Anyway, it's no secret that I adore all things Salzburg.
And I like Cafe Mozart, I do.
But one thing I don't like about Salzburg/Cafe Mozart?
The Salzburger Nockerl.
This is the most famous dessert in Salzburg.
I mean, look at the name.....
see? Famous.
Look at the ingredients, though:
egg yolk, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, and milk.
You might be thinking this sounds like a great souffle
but I've tasted the Nockerl
and it's not great.
It's not even a little bit good.
Well, that's just my opinion...
but no, really - it's not good.
People always come to Salzburg so excited to try it out,
having heard a lot about it.
I know this because I was one of those people.
And, like everyone else I've talked to,
I did not enjoy the experience of eating it
(I think I took 2-3 bites and then called it a day).
But looking at it's kinda fun!

And do you want to know the history of it?
(Of course not but I'm telling it anyway):
Sometime during the 17th century,
the Nockerl was first concocted
by Salzburg's Prince Archbishop's concubine.
The shape of the dessert is meant to resemble
the mountains surrounding the city of Salzburg
(why yes, I do know the names -
the Gaisberg, M├Ânchsberg and Nonnberg).
The powdered sugar sprinkled on top of the dessert
is said to represent the snow!

<--- Kayla, loving Cafe Mozart

<--- Me, loving that we're not eating the concubine dessert

i'm ready for the snow to end now, thanks.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

because i want to be here:

Marseille, France
...or somewhere warm in general would suffice.


the story behind the photo can be read here
on the "original blog", if you will...
the blog that is no longer a blog,
but will always be dear to my heart.
RIP, 1st blog.
I love you.


a letter to all gyms in germany*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

*or maybe just my gym

Dear gym,

Why do you think that playing Marilyn Manson songs from 2006 over Germany's Funniest Home Videos on mute provides for a motivating gym atmosphere? It doesn't. At all, actually. My iPod is so much better than you. May I introduce you to Weezy, Yeezy, Jigga, Girl Talk or - dare I say it - Willow Smith? Seriously, though, people. When I play Lil Wayne's "I am Not a Human" or Kanye's "Power" (remixed or original, doesn't matter...or both, back to back), I could run on that treadmill all day long. Funnily enough, watching a cat fall into a toilet on the TV screen in front of me doesn't quite have the same effect. Or let's talk about "Monster", shall we? When Nicki Minaj opens her mouth in that song, my adrenaline reaches unprecedented levels. But you falter between the genres of confusingly out-dated death metal and lullaby-ishly slow R&B, which upsets me. Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are"? Come on, now, that's just counter-productive! I didn't want to have to say it, make me miss the US of A and the kind of gyms that come with a mini TV and DVD player on each machine. Just for that, I think I'll run my next 5kilometers to the tune of "America the Beautiful".



And in the spirit of the red,white and blue (or rather red, gray and blue),
I present to you the following photo:

I can't remember why exactly we're all sporting the AA deep V,
but I can recall that this photo was taken during the weekend
we saw Rihanna, Kanye and M.I.A.
back to back to back.
And we're obviously making those gang signs
in honor of M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes'.
And that makes it a fitting photo for this post...right?