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Thursday, March 31, 2011

i taught a lesson at school today
and the theme was "london".
i did a little presentation
using photos from the first time i ever went to london
(with my parents/sisters).
it was a 5th grade class (the year they first start learning english).
none of them had been to london before
so i thought they'd really get a kick out of my photos;
abbey road*, platform 9 3/4, buckingham palace, hyde park,
hampton court palace, double decker buses, etc.
what did they want to talk about the whole time?
how pretty my sisters are.
what are their names?
how old are they?
where do they live?
do they speak german, too?
maybe next time i'll just do the lesson on my sisters.

* i was so surprised by how many of students recognized abbey road! these kids were born in 2000 and they still know the beatles.  it made me so very happy.

you're gonna want to read this story.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First off, just know that I drink a lot of water.  My friends here often make fun of the amount of water I consume at the dinner table. Come to think of it, when my best friend Kaitlyn was a waitress, she would automatically set a pitcher of ice water next to my plate to prevent the inevitable running back and forth from my table to the kitchen for water refills. So it should come as no surprise that I drank 2 full bottles of water on my train ride home from Poland this weekend.  Naturally, I quickly needed to use the bathroom.  Like, prettttty urgently. As the German rail is almost always the cleanest and most efficient of European rail systems, finding a bathroom on their trains is never an issue….that is, until this particular night.

For some reason, there was only 1 bathroom on my train and it was out of order. When I discovered this, I thought, “What a peculiar way to die….well, it’s been a good 23 years on Earth.” and then returned to my seat, bounced up and down, tried to read, tried to listen to music, tried to go to sleep (the worst of ideas) and resorted to taking photos of myself in the window in attempt to distract myself – all to no avail. I then decided to pray that somehow, God would make a toilet appear in front of me. When that didn’t happen, I had the following conversation with myself:

"Okay, I’m just going to have to get off the train at the next stop. There is no way, NO way, that I can wait 3 hours until I get to Nuremberg. There is just absolutely no way. And when I step off the train in the next town, it’s very likely – 99.9% likely, even – that the train will leave me before I have time to go to the bathroom and then re-board, which means it is also very likely that I won’t be able to make it home tonight, as this might be the last train of the night. So – I’m going to have to pay for a hotel room in whatever town I end up in and I’m going to have to call in tomorrow morning and inform them that I won’t be back in time to go to work…because I really had to pee."

Well, turns out, God didn’t make a toilet appear in front of me but something equally as miraculous happened. When the ticket-taker walked by me, I all but violently grabbed and shook him and in my most convincing please-have-pity-on-me-because-I’m-just-a-little-American-girl-all-alone-in-Germany-but-I’m-speaking-your-language-and-you-should-really-respect-me-for-that-because-so-many-Americans-ask-you-these-same-kinds-of-questions-but-in-English-and-isn’t-my-German-cute? voice, asked him if there was some kind of secret bathroom on the train I didn’t know about because I really, really, really had to use it. Please imagine how much I wanted to hug this man while simultaneously running through the train car screaming, “Praise God! Jesus lives!” when he told me that he had just received word that we had to make an unexpected stop in the next town, which would require us to de-board this train and board another train- a new train (also Nuremberg bound, of course), which would have a working bathroom.

Best day of my life. (Or so it seemed at the time.) Although that first hour of agony is something I’d never like to experience again.

But hey, at least I have these awesome self-portraits as a result, right?


some thank you notes

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear host brother in Poland,  thank you for speaking Polish with me but also taking an interest in learning English.  Laughing with you as you try to learn my language, and me as I try to learn yours, is so much fun.  Like the time you asked if I wanted to watch 127 Hours or Black Swan and it came out, “Man……arm…..cut off…..arm….OR….bird….black bird….you want? Which?”  With such enticing descriptions, how could I decide?  Also, thanks for teaching me how to play pool!  I'll probably forget everything by next week, but it was the thought that counts.

Dear host mom in Poland, thank you for making a whole cake just for me. No, you didn’t make it for my arrival, you literally made the entire cake for me and I know that because I am the only person who ate it/the only person in the house who likes sweets. I know you didn’t put any sugar in it because I watched you make it, yet when you tasted it, you said, “Ugh, too sweet!” just by the mere taste of the powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Oh and thanks for sprinkling the powdered sugar on top, just for me. Thanks for probably buying the powdered sugar just for me. In case it wasn’t obvious by my more or less licking the plate, I really liked this cake (that’s why I ate 3 pieces of it in less than 24 hours, duh). I guess you could tell, though, since you packed the cake up in its entirety and sent me home with it. Oh and thanks for making it heart-shaped. That was cute.

Dear host dad in Poland, thank you for making me your own version of dessert in the form of fruit salad. Where I come from (said in a Southern accent), a bowl of bananas, oranges, pears, peaches and grapes would be considered a light, midmorning snack. But here in Poland, however, (or at least in this family), this is dessert at its finest. I hope you gathered by my 3rd helping of this dish that I loved it (though not as much as the heart-shaped cake….sorry).

Dear Wrocław Główny (the train station in Wroclaw), thanks for being so fun to pronounce!

Dear Polish men/German men/whatever men who were sitting on the train from Wroclaw to Dresden, thank you for not standing up and offering your seat to young girl who stepped on the train looking haggard and sad, carrying a purse, laptop bag, duffel bag and shopping bag, thus causing her to stand uncomfortably for 1 hour until the next stop. My dad would have given up his seat for the girl. My boyfriend and his friends would have, too. And not just because the girl was me (surprise!) but because they have good old-fashioned manners. Here’s another surprise: this “thank you” is sarcastic.

Dear young couple next to me during the 1 hour long stand on the train, thank you for making out non-stop from the time you stepped on the train to the time you stepped off. Thanks for managing to both disgust me and make me wish I hadn’t just said goodbye to my boyfriend by the sweet nothings you whispered to one another in between make-outs. Hey, this “thank you” is also sarcastic, in case you couldn’t tell.

Dear Deutsche Bahn, thank you for repeating the intercom announcements in Polish after reading them once in German. This helps when 1/2 of the aforementioned couple sneezes at the exact moment something important is being announced in German. Also, thank you, God, for helping me learn Polish, or at least enough to understand intercom announcements.

Dear man sitting next to me on the train, why is the ringer on your cell phone the sound of a cat meowing? This isn’t a “thank you”, I’m just curious. When you reached inside your jacket pocket to answer your phone the first time it rang (and, okay, maybe the 2nd time, too), I really expected a baby kitten to jump out of there. I really did.


the happiest place on earth

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No, in my mind, this title does not belong to Disney Land or Disney World, but rather Tesco- the Polish grocery store. And yes, I realize it’s not “Polish”, but I’ve only been to Tesco in Poland, so…to me, it’s Polish.

For some reason, grocery shopping is one of my favorite hobbies (Omg, did I just refer to grocery shopping as a hobby?). I think it’s because I love shopping, I love cooking and I love eating…I also love taking the items out of the cart and setting them on the counter to be scanned.  This was my "job" as a child and I still take that job very seriously.

One of my favorite things about Tesco (in Poland, at least) is how many flavors of ketchup you can buy, considering how ketchup is served with EVERY meal here.   At Tesco, when Piotr discovered they stopped making “Kepab ketchup”, the following words came out of his mouth and no, I am not kidding: “Sucks my life!!!....wait, SML?, what is it….oh, right….FML!”

DSC00359This “American-brownie-flavored-milk” was on sale for half price. Apparently, no one had had wanted to buy this stuff; I can’t imagine why.

Anyhow, between the Pringles, the ketchup, the brownie milk, and the toiletries that are SO much cheaper here than in Germany, Tesco has become "the happiest place on earth" for me.  Or rather, the happiest place in Poland.

sometimes europe isn’t the greatest place to live

Friday, March 25, 2011

because when your family lives in america,
you just don't get to see them that often.
my mom emailed me this photo today
of her birthday party yesterday.
my sister made this cake
(it's says "whoooo's 56?")
and my mom is wearing the necklace i gave her
as a birthday gift!
i can't look at this photo and not smile.
there are times i get very sad
that i'm so far away from my family.
someday, someday....
i'll live there again.
but until then,
i'm still here
and loving it
(99% of the time).


and for the record:
i know that you don't wear a swimsuit in saunas
(regardless of where you live in the world)
but i've been to saunas in america
in which you are allowed to wear a towel
(being naked underneath).
what i was referring to in this post
is that i was told (by an employee at the aquapark)
that i had to remove my towel completely
if i wanted to stay inside the sauna
(this also played a role
in my walking out 30-60 seconds after entering).
and call me conservative,
but when a room full of naked polish men is staring at me,
the last thing i want to is remove my towel and be naked.
(this applies for any nationality of men, come to think of it...)
just getting that straight.
okay, done.

Weekend in Poland: highlights

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(1)  Eating homemade Nalesniki for dinner and "an ice cream" for dessert.  

(2)  Handing out super-belated Valentine's treat bags.  I bought mugs and filled them with peanut butter M&Ms (those are not sold in Poland, so they're always such a hit when I bring them!). Finding ribbon, cellophane and gift wrap was impossible, though. I literally to use a red & white card stock-ish paper and cut plastic grocery bags into strips in order to fashion a makeshift ribbon… do what you can, right?

(3)  Making a trip to....AQUAPARK.  Aquapark is - you guessed it! –a waterpark. This isn’t like your average American waterpark, though. For one thing, Aquapark is clean. For another, it’s clean. (Do you hear me Whitewater Bay of Oklahoma City? You have a thing or two to learn from Europe.) It has outdoor (heated!) saltwater pools, a lazy river, a wave pool (pretty sure we were the only adults not to be accompanied by children in this pool, whoops), tube slides, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a “relaxing room” – I try to come every time I visit. We tried the Finnish sauna for .5 seconds but I could NOT handle it due to a) the presence of middle-aged naked men and b) the EXTREME HEAT….I kept touching my face because I sincerely thought it was melting off. It must have looked pretty funny because I walked into the sauna, sat down, waited 30-60 seconds, then got back up and walked out. Sorry, but I’m American and am therefore not accustomed to a) the nakedness that everyone here seems to love and b) well, Finnish saunas. No thank you. Normal saunas are just fine for me; normal saunas with people wearing towels which cover allllll parts of their bodies.  

Can't wait to go back!

Conversations with a Polish boy, part 3

Monday, March 21, 2011

[setting: driver around the apartment building, seen above....thanks google street view!]
me: why are there, like, 10 parking spaces for an entire apartment building??? we have been driving around foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.
him: see, that's the funny thing about communists, jenni. when they were designing the blocs, they didn't really care who had a parking spot and who didn't.

[disclaimer -- piotr used to live in england a couple of years ago....]
me: how long did you live in england?
him: 3 months.
me: is that how you learned to speak english so well?
him: yeah, i'd say it for sure got kinda better.
me: .....clearly.

[while listening to my iPod in the car]
him: you know what i don't get about kanye?
me: how he can be the most ego-driven human being on the planet?
him: no, why he says ''L.A. Lakers!'' every ten seconds of his songs.
me: ....i don't think he says ''L.A. Lakers!'' in a single one of his songs, piotr.
him: yes, he does. let me play it for you.
(30 seconds later)
me: piotr, he's not saying ''L.A. Lakers!'', he's saying ''L.A. Leakers!''. and that's not him saying it, either. that's a corrupt file which you obviously downloaded illegally. people leak songs online and then splice their name in there to promote themselves.
piotr: what?? who would share a corrupt file? i wonder who i downloaded it from....
me: .…most likely from the L.A. Leakers.

[and, lastly, the following conversation played out over text messaging...]
him: hey. i just wanted to tell you i really, really miss you today.
me: oh really?
him: kinda.

conversations part 2 and 1, here.

the time i ate burger king for lunch

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I had a 90 minute “layover” (what do you call them for trains…. stopovers?) at the Dresden train station and Burger King was the only place with a) a table to sit, b) an outlet for my computer and c) internet access. Turns out, the internet wasn’t free, but at least I got to charge my computer so more HIMYM* train marathoning could ensue during the next leg of my journey.
What healthy foods did I consume this time, you ask? Gebaeckener Emmentaler , which is actually not that unhealthy in comparison to what other kinds of BK monstrosities there are on the menu. Besides, this is a traditional Austrian/German dish so it can’t be that unhealthy (this is irrefutable logic, people). Well, eating 5 tiny pieces of G.E. (as well as drinking water out of a rectangular carton...oh, silly Europe) can only take so much of one’s time and without internet access, my options were limited. Therefore, the rest of the time was spent having a little vanity session; aka using my webcam as a mirror and realizing that no matter how hard I try, there really isn’t much stopping my hair from looking like a lion’s mane if I run out the door directly after showering. Eventually, I resorted to tying that mess into a knot on the top of my head so that when Piotr picks up from the train station, the first thing out of his mouth won’t be, “Should we buy you a hair brush?" (I can't remember the last time I brushed my hair...I just hate doing that.)
Oh, and I tried a Butterfinger heart for dessert and it was no Reese's heart, that's for dang sure.
*HIMYM update: Since I'm now in Season 3, I just watched the Slapsgiving episode...and had to re-watch it immediately upon finishing it. One of my top 5 episodes, I'd say.

the time i ate mcdonald's for breakfast

Saturday, March 19, 2011

(And I don’t even mean an egg McMuffin or hasbrowns, either)

But did you know that a veggie burger and a yogurt don’t actually count as McDonald’s? It’s true. I mean just look at that veggie burger; it’s so obvious that its vegetables were just freshly picked from the garden behind McDonald’s (which is located in the train station, mind you – a very likely place for a garden). And the yogurt? No sugar added - none whatsoever. Yes, those questionably-bright red strawberries are organic, I guarantee it. Plus, there is WATER in that cup (albeit carbonated water…, not water at all, actually…..come on, McDonald’s, are you American or not?!) which did give me hiccups (again, thank you carbonation) but it tasted nice and healthy (I guess). Oh, and when you take pictures of fast food, keep in mind that if you leave the fries IN the bag, then they count as zero calories. Yeah! Cool, huh. Not pictured? No calories. Negative calories, even. Keep in mind I ate this on a train to Poland, with Germans all around me, eating their healthy homemade sandwiches and speaking in sentences at least 30 words in length, while I sat, decked out in American Apparel, watching American shows on my laptop, occasionally humming the star-spangled banner... but someone has to represent the US of A, right?

Moral of the story: it tasted good.

book recommendation

Monday, March 14, 2011

During my last trip to Poland, I bought this book.
I read it, I liked it and now I'm recommending it.

When I read these reviews on the book cover, I was sold:
“The fusion of Ukrainian incomers with conventional English Midland life is sharply comic and the prose is lyrical.”
“….hilariously and affectingly records the fall-out when an elderly Ukrainian widower long resident in Britain falls for a flamboyantly busty Russian gold-digger in search of a passport to prosperity.”
“The culture clash between eastern and western Europe so ripe for comic treatment is captured in this delicious story of sibling rivalry.”

{Am I the only one who loves to smell books?}

For me, the culture clash between eastern and western Europe is what had me hooked. Spending so much time in both (although Germany is more central Europe than western, I should say), I have mentally noted quite the list of differences, many of which were mentioned in this book. I found the alternate storyline (big sister vs. little sister) also compelling but then again, I find birth order psychology fascinating in general (The Birth Order Effect by Cliff Isaacson – perhaps the next book recommendation I’ll post).

Here are a couple of my favorite excerpts from the book:

There are ten years between my sister and me – ten years that gave me the Beatles, the demonstrations against the Vietnam War, the student uprising of 1968, and the birth of feminism, which taught me to see all women as sisters – all women except my sister, that is. I am forty-seven years old and a university lecturer but my sister’s voice reduces me instantly to a four-year-old.

“Don’t children in your country give their teachers apples?”, asks Anna. “Apples, never”, says Stanislav. “Vodka, yes”.

{In the words of Kathleen Kelly: Read it, I know you'll love it.}

my best friend gets married 1 week from today.

Friday, March 11, 2011

i've been doing little wedding-themed posts
in honor of my best friend's upcoming wedding.

i'd like to share some memories
because our friendship is pretty special to me,
in case you couldn't tell.

and in the spirit of this top 10-ness,
why not do my top 10 favorite kaitlyn memories?
{in chronological order}

1. Lucy and the Sky with Diamonds + June Carter

Kaitlyn and I met our freshman year in college (it sounds like I'm telling a "how I met my husband story"). We had a Spanish class together and would occasionally facebook each other for missed homework assignments (neither of us were ever especially great at going to class...which ended up being extremely dangerous/really fun for us as future roommates). The summer after my freshman year, Kaitlyn was working with my cousin at a summer camp and heard that I had been hospitalized in Mexico after an accident that had occurred during my internship there. She contacted me to tell me she was praying for me and hoped I was okay. For some reason, we messaged each other fairly consistently after that and started hanging out after we came back to school for our sophomore year. We spent Halloween together; her as June Carter Cash and me as Lucy in Sky with Diamonds. We got dressed up and then realized we didn't have anywhere to go. Yup. These kinds of things happened to us a lot.

2. Moving into 513 Gray Street

Some of the best memories in college/my-life-to-date happened in the house we shared on 513 Gray Street. I loved that house so much. I loved decorating it, sharing a room, staying up late talking & watching movies, staying up all night during finals week, making midnight runs to Sonic, etc., etc. I could actually list 100 things I miss about being her roommate at this house. The house was teeny tiny and so old and just adorable. It was within walking distance to campus and it was really the best house we could have asked for. Sigh.

3. Roommate Trips

If one of us went home on the weekends (her to Fayetteville, AK and me to Norman, OK), we'd always bring the other one along. It made the driving much more enjoyable and since we'd get separation anxiety if we were apart from each other for longer than 30 minutes, these trips were more than necessary.

4. Travel partners

The first big trip we took together (to Europe!) was very memorable. Neither of us had any idea how to navigate our way from country to country and, looking back - knowing what I know now - I often wonder how we made it home alive. Let it be a testament to how many hours my mother spends in fervent prayer for my safety.

5. Two words: Stella girl

Stella girl was Kaitlyn's puppy -- a miniature Schnauzer with more personality than me and Kaitlyn combined.  She was sooooooooooo cute and soooooooo crazy.  I always joke (is it a joke?) that I miss her more than Kaitlyn.

6. Starting a business together
A month after I returned from Europe and just a few weeks after Stella girl came into our lives, we started a very small (albeit very successful!) vintage clothing business, which I'm proud to stay is still alive and well. I owe her a lot for letting me be the bossy one/decision maker and because of her tolerance and patience with me, I'd say this little endeavor only made us closer.

7. Valentine's Day 2008

Well, let's just say that I got very sick on this night, only to find out that the toilet would not flush. I'm not sure why I feel okay sharing this with the world wide web, but I know Kaitlyn will laugh hysterically when she reads it. I came out of the bathroom and said, "Um, Kaitlyn? Will you help me with something?". After we tried flushing the toilet, plunging the toilet, pulling on the chain, etc., we realized this was a job for a plumber and not 2 young girls. The only problem was it was 8:00 pm on a Thursday night and we were leaving early the next morning to go to Arkansas for a long weekend. We knew we couldn't ignore this predicament for the duration of the 3 day we (this is the part I can't believe I am typing right now) used a ladle and a plastic container to transport the vomit in the toilet from the bathroom into the backyard. We were both so disgusted/laughing so hysterically that we had tears streaming down our faces. I think at the end of the night it was Kaitlyn who looked at me and said, "I can't believe that's how I just spent my Valentine's Day." I mean, that's a true friend, am I right? Oh and we obviously threw that ladle and container away.

8. Dance parties

We hosted some of the best dance parties at 513 Gray Street. Our parties varied from being open and inclusive to incredibly exclusive (meaning 4-6 people). For instance, one time we had a Halloween party a week after Halloween, which 5 people attended. I had been in the hospital the day before Halloween and Kaitlyn, knowing how much I had wanted to dress up & celebrate, suggested that we host a little Halloween gathering the next weekend. This ended up being one of my favorite parties I've ever been to, let alone hosted.

9. Jimmy

Speaking of that Halloween I am as Edie Sedgwick, with our friend Jimmy as Bob Dylan. There's Kaitlyn on the right, as a flapper. Jimmy came to our university from Arkansas through a semester exchange program and became something like a 3rd roommate. We saw him every night. Between his love for Stella girl, his hilarious Jimmy Stewart impressions and his culinary superpowers, he made our lives really, really special (not to mention super dramatic, at times). I loved the 3 of us.

10. Our going away party
Kaitlyn decided to transfer to the U of A to be closer to her family and I decided to move to Salzburg. These decisions would end up being arguably the best decisions we've ever made, as her decision led her to meeting her future husband and mine led me to Salzburg, which changed my life forever. We had a going away party for ourselves (yeah, we're those kinds of people) the last night of finals' week. I loved this night so much; it was really bittersweet. Moving out of 513 Gray Street was so tough. I remember sitting on the bed and crying, saying to Kaitlyn, "I know I'm going to love Salzburg but I've loved my life here so much with you". She really made my college life so wonderful. I mean, I truly loved college SO much because of her (and Stella girl, too - who are we kidding?). I hate to imagine how that time of my life would have played out had she not been a part of it. I can tell this girl anything with 100% confidence that she will love me regardless.

I love my life now and know that she really loves her life now (she's about to get married, after all) but I think our lives back then weren't so bad either. :)

i'm in spain right now

Thursday, March 10, 2011

which, ironically enough,
isn't one of my top 10 favorite places in europe.
if you want to see my list, click here.

yes, sarah - one of the cutest girls in the blog world/real world -
featured me on her blog the other day
(and here, too).
i was so flattered when she emailed & asked me to guest post
and had such a fun time writing up my list for her.
hope you enjoy my little posts
but feel free to skip right over them
and just marvel at how adorable she and her husband are...

oh and brooke posted my inspiration board here....
which was so fun to make, by the way.

ttyou all soon!

2 days left to win this little giveaway.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

you can enter the giveaway here.
you have until march 8 at midnight to do so.
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until then, take a good look at these bangs:

because i don't have them anymore.
they look a little different now.
mostly because i cut them with swiss army knife.
....and they actually look fine (i know, i was shocked too).
caroline told me, "you look JUST like veruca salt."
turns out, she meant angelina jolie in the movie salt
not the character from charlie and the chocolate factory.
that's a relief.
i'll get around to posting new bangs photos soon (for you, mom)
until then....

who bought this? i didn't.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Taylor asked me what I wanted to do in Mannheim, I told her one thing:

shop at the commissary.

(See this post for more info.)

Well, she took me to the commissary and I’m too embarrassed to describe what took place inside. I’ll let the following photos speak for themselves. I will say, though, that I was meeting my friend Erin at the train station on my way home and had to warn her via text message, “When you see me, I will be carrying my body weight in grocery bags. Don’t be alarmed.” How’s that for a visual?

You can't get this kind of crap (that's kind of the only word for it) in German supermarkets, people.

Now, the most noteworthy of disclaimers ever to be issued:
1 - not all of these groceries are for me (many of them were involved in the making of valentine's treat bags!) & 2 - I am proud to say the groceries I did buy for me have been rationed to last me the next 6 months…so that my body does not implode from transfats. Oh, and that US Weekly? Yeah, I couldn’t care less if Sandra and Ryan are “so on!” – that is tabloid trash in English and it was snapped up in a heartbeat the very moment I spotted in the check-out line.

Oh, and the most important purchase of all (so important it warrants its own, separate photo): chocolate chip cookie dough, which, I have no shame in admitting, was not included in the rationing process and was consequently consumed within a 72 hour period.

And then Erin and I made cookies (quite a few)

and watched the Cosby Show with huge glasses of milk.

Kind of an ideal night, if you ask me.


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more from heidelberg

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As mentioned in this post, I spent the last day of my “Mannheim weekend” in Heidelberg. Taylor and her husband drove me to the Heidelberg train station so I could catch my train back to Nuremberg. Before my train, though, we walked around the city and Taylor told me more stories of their initial arrival in November and their first encounters with Germans. Keep in mind that neither of them had ever been to Europe and Taylor’s husband is as All-American as they come (this = automatic humor).

One of my favorite stories involves Taylor asking a German woman, “Excuse me, do you speak English?”. Sometimes, that's a harmless question - sure. Other times, however, it warrants responses like the one Taylor received: “Yes, I speak English.Ever since your country invaded my country after WWII and Americanized every town with your businesses and customs, yes - we all speak English here”. I laugh every time I think of poor Taylor stepping off the plane only to experience that as her first impression of Germany. Of course, she and her husband have both since encountered their fair share of nice and polite Germans and do feel at home in their city.

I liked Heidelberg,
and it's kind of hard to resist
when your awesome hostess drop you off at the train station
and says, "Come back soon -anytime, really!"
I'll be back very soon, I suspect...



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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