how we got from poland to spain. otherwise known as: “yeah…about that…” (part 1)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{we had no idea when took this photo, below, the kind of, um, ‘adventures’ we were in for….}

i’d like to begin by saying that, as a person who has spent the better part of 2008-present traveling/living abroad, i feel i have a slight obligation to stress that while, yes, at times, international travel is a walk in the park (sometimes, literally), it is also quite often a nightmare – a real, live nightmare.  things will happen which you never in a million years would have expected to happen.  you might find yourself sitting on a train next to a drunk, knife-wielding man, who is intent on mumbling in slurred, incoherent italian 5 inches from your ear.  you might wake up on an overnight train (different from the aforementioned train, might i add) and realize that your belongings, while once wedged between your sleeping body and the wall, are now mysteriously nowhere to be found.  you might fall madly in love with a young, handsome, charming austrian heir who turns out to be….well, that’s a really long story – too long for this post.  the point is: you never know what to expect while traveling abroad.  you might have the best day of your life followed by the absolute worst.  i suppose this is a universal truth – no one knows what’s going to happen to them when they wake up to start the day – but the main difference is when you’re traveling abroad and your plans go very, very wrong…well, it’s a lot more stressful, a lot more confusing, and a lot more frightening. 

and so begins the story of caroline’s and my journey from poland to spain.

but this is just the prologue.  you’ll have to wait to hear the rest.

2 things i know for sure

Sunday, May 29, 2011

1.  wearing an american apparel circle scarf wrapped around my head is not necessarily the most effective of hair drying methods.  the time has come to either a) do laundry or b) buy another towel.
2.  the next time i’m in poland (which should be soon….i hope), i’m breaking out the swiss army knife again.  i think my bangs grow faster than harry potter’s.  speaking of….does anyone else follow lord voldemort on twitter?  it’s highly amusing – i recommend it.

we eat a lot in poland. /wherever we go.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

“so, what’s going on at pizza hut this week?” was one of the first things out of my mouth upon caroline’s and my arrival in poland.   as this question may seem unusual to some (most likely people who are not familiar with the nationality of my tastebuds), let me explain.  first and foremost, the pizza huts (the restaurants themselves) in wroclaw are pretty nice…. they are actually a bit - dare i say it - classy.  there are no buffets, for example, and there’s a wait staff who brings you your food on a silver platter (or, you know, just a regular plate) rather than a pizza box being passed to you over a counter.  but the real reason i love the pizza huts in poland has nothing to do with class (shocking, i know) but rather the pasta, pizza and salad festivals.  i’ve been to all three (again, i ask – is this surprising?).  you pay, like, 20PLN* for a “ticket” to the festival, go in and grab a booth (usually after waiting awhile), the wait staff walks around with dishes (pasta, pizza, etc. depending on which festival it is) and you grab whatever dish you so desire….over and over and over.  it’s basically an all you can eat buffet without the getting-up-from-the-table-and-walking-to-the-buffet part (sounds like it was made for americans, am i right?!).  therefore, when i asked our friend “so, what’s going on at pizza hut this week?” and he replied “a pizza festival is what’s going on at pizza hut this week!”….well, can you guess where we ate that night?

*20PLN = 5euro = $7.50

caroline loved her polish pizza.  and her polish money:
the next night, we chose mexican for dinner.  even though there’s no such thing as actual mexican food in poland (or anywhere on this continent….try as i might to find the closest version), we ordered some quesadillas…. blog

do these look like quesadillas to you?  no.  but i ate these “quesadillas” gladly, nonethless:IMG_0434 and since the family i live with hates sweets, i have been known run to the mall after most (read: more than most) meals for a little treat of my own.  my all time favorite “treat spot” to date is a kiosk in the mall which sells soft serve cones for less than 1 USD.DSC00289   
so - as you can see, when caroline and i travel, we only dine at the finest and most expensive of eateries. 

we should really write a guide book, i know.  i get that all the time.

where’s waldo

Thursday, May 26, 2011


thursdays feel like fridays to me.  because i never (hardly ever) have to work on fridays.  and i never (never ever) have to work on mondays.  so thursdays usually mean to me what fridays mean for rebecca black; “fun fun fun fun”.  or something like that. 

this morning, my alarm went off at 7:00 - that i remember.  the next thing i remember is waking up again at 7:35.  i don’t know if i had been hitting snooze repeatedly (in my sleep) or just sleeping through the alarm (wouldn’t be the first time) but, regardless, i dressed and ran out the door in a matter of 15 minutes (5 minutes of which were spent putting in my contacts, 5 minutes of which were spent trying to button my pants one-handedly and 5 minutes of which were spent looking for my hairbrush….as you have probably already deduced from the above photos, the hairbrush was not found).

despite the stressful morning, my thursday turned out pretty well.  here’s why: i slept during the hour-long bus ride to school, my students were very sweet to me (sort of unusual), i ate a nice lunch, which can be seen above (tomato+mozzarella sandwich, apfelschorle, a piece of cake that was eaten before it could be photographed), i enjoyed a tasty little dinner with dear friends, i had a ego-boosting german conversation with someone who didn’t switch to english, i ate a snickers bar on a train and i watched justin timber lake's most recent SNL monologue 3 times in a row. 

the only downside is that after being operated on, my hand isn’t healing as well as i’d hoped and it’s kind of hampering my weekend plans which were supposed to be very special.  i’m thinking i might spend the weekend holed up at my dear friends’ apartment (the same dear friends from tonight’s dinner, the same dear friends who visited me every day in the hospital), watching movies and snuggling under a blanket until i can move my hand again.

until then...

p.s. obama will be in poland next week and so will i.  i'll be able to meet him, right?  i mean, i am american and he is my president, so...the logic seems sound enough.

Conversations with a Polish boy, part 5.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

me: these grapes taste disgusting. do not eat them.
him: oh, that's because they are too young. wait until they get a little older. then you can eat them.
(language barrier? what language barrier?)

me: fisiu expects to be carried everywhere. how can a dog be so spoiled?
him: jenni, fisiu is old. please think about that next time before you judge him.
(i cannot stress to you how serious he was when he said this to me.)

(speaking of fisiu....)
piotr: fisiu only throw ups because my mom feeds him meat.
me: no, he throws up.
him: i know, he throw ups because my mom feeds him meat and he is almost 15 years old....he can't handle that kind of food anymore.
me: piotr, he throws up because your mom feeds him meat, not -
him: i know. he throw ups every time...that's what i just're not listening.

him: would you like to have jajecznica (scrambled eggs) for dinner?
me: sure. actually, can you take a piece of toast and cut out the middle part and then fry an egg in the middle?
him: what? how am i supposed to do that? just, like, with a knife?
me: no, a biscuit cutter. or the top of a glass.
him: what's a biscuit cutter?
me: what you use to cut biscuits. oh! you should make biscuits.
him: why would you ever eat biscuits with eggs?
me: nooooo, not cookies. stop knowing british english. in american english, "biscuits" are different. they are so good. they're like, really warm and soft and floury and my sister makes the best kind with cheese and actually, i made some really good biscuits last week with yogurt. oh my gosh - they were so good, piotr.
him: do scrambled eggs sound?
me: sounds great.
(it's okay, wasn't really expecting to win that battle anyway.)

him: hey, is it true that a lot of girls in america have daddy issues?
me: excuse me?
him: i've heard that a lot of girls in america have daddy issues.
me: who'd you hear that from?
him: barney stinson.
(i have no response to this one.)

me: could you please not roll your eyes so much when you're talking to me? it's hard to take you seriously because you look really funny when you do it.
him: it's something i've done my whole life when i'm annoyed with people, i can't stop now. no one else has ever had a problem with it.
me: your whole life, really? even when you were younger and your parents were scolding you about something, you'd roll your eyes at them?
him: yeah, is that weird?
me: well....i just know that in my country, rolling your eyes while someone else is talking to you is very disrespectful.
him: oh, in my country, it's not. in poland, it's kinda like saying "i don't agree with what you're telling me, but i respect your opinion anyway".
(yeah, i'm sure that's what it means in poland.)

(fyi: many girls in poland are named 'blueberry' - the polish word for blueberry, that is).
me: cherry yogurt or blueberry yogurt?
him: cherry.
me: you never choose blueberry.
him: well, if your ex-girlfriend was named blueberry, you'd choose the cherry yogurt too, now wouldn't you?

aaaaaaaand i leave you with that.

this is the last post you’ll ever read about these things. i swear. i think.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



so, yeah…i’ve said this before but donuts (and by donuts i mean real donuts) are pretty hard to find in europe.  i’ve seen a few dunkin donuts franchises pop up here and there (some in berlin….a few i’ve found in spain…i’m sure they can be found in several other big cities as well), but if you’re a sugar-addicted american, this whole donut-famine-thing can be quite the inconvenience.

cue krapfen season.  you’ve heard me talk about this before – like less than a week ago (i’m sorry).  krapfen season is when the bakeries here in bavaria fill their little shops with germany’s version of the donut, which can be seen above.  krapfen are almost as good as american donuts, which probably means they are healthier.  now that may is coming to a close, krapfen season is long gone, but that doesn’t mean i don’t think about it all the time. 


i’ve said before that when i was little, any time i got sick, my mom would cheer me up with a donut (what american obesity epidemic?  huh?  michelle obama does this, too, i swear.  just ask malia).  when i told my friend jenny that, she thought i was kidding (if it makes you feel any better, i always chose the glazed kind….less calories/sugar…maybe?  sounds about right).

and then once in college, when i was living with my best friend kaitlyn, we had a mutual craving for donuts (other mutual cravings consisted of chick-fil-a waffle fries with honey mustard, pad thai, anything nutella-related and our friend sarah’s toffee, which we dubbed ‘crack toffee’ after eating a whole batch and subsequently experiencing toffee-related night sweats, painful withdraws and/or canker sores all over our mouths). but back to that mutual craving….yeah, we wanted donuts.  so we drove to albertson’s (where all the cheap donuts can be found) and i grabbed a glazed and a pink strawberry frosted (my 2nd favorite).  i remember wondering if i should refrain from buying two – too much sugar?  then i glanced over at kaitlyn, who had 8 donuts in her bag.  i stuck with 2, then maybe grabbed a 3rd.

when kayla visited me last weekend, we talked about donuts (we’re the kind of americans with a lot of depth and cultural appreciation, if you couldn’t tell).  i said, “donuts used to make me feel so much better when i was little….if i was sick or had had a bad day”.  {i guess back then, having a bad day consisted of finding out the after-school-episode of saved by the bell was a re-run and everyone knows that’s only okay if said rerun is the episode in which jessie overdoses on “study pills”.}  moving onward…i told kayla that donuts used to help me out a lot in life.  she told me that, at the age of 23, she still finds that same formula to be true.  then she went on to say, “i just got really sad because i realized i will never be on oprah.  i’m gonna have to settle for tyra.”  but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post in and of itself, isn’t it?

i bet you can’t wait for that blog post.

i, on the other hand, can’t believe i just spent all that time talking about donuts.


KRAPFEN (again).

Friday, May 20, 2011

i’ve mentioned a couple of  times how much i love when krapfen season rolls around here in bavaria (see above for a visual).  katherine, the cute little blogger behind styleidoscope, recently asked me to do a guest post over other things i love about bavaria so i came up with a top ten list, which can be found here, if you’re interested.

now i’m off to eat a popsicle (yes, another one) and wait for kayla, my resident nurse for the upcoming weekend (and salzburg bff extraordinaire), who arrives in just a few hours! so thankful for her.

it’s one of my top 1o european cities, have you heard?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

no really, have you heard(top 5, even!)

IMG_0359IMG_0371 IMG_0384 IMG_0389    IMG_0360 IMG_0367

10 things i learned in a german hospital*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


1. Nurses are angels; literally sent to Earth from the heavens.  How do they have so much patience?  I wanted to befriend all of mine.

2. When it comes to needles, it’s mind over matter, Jennifer.  Mind over matter.

3. When it comes to swallowing horse pills, however, “mind over matter” accomplishes nothing.  In fact, I would rather birth triplets than swallow horse pills with every meal (though I have concluded the best method - for me, at least - is manually shoving the pill down my throat; works every time).

4.  When your mom can’t be in the hospital with you, having her call your cell hourly really is the next best thing.

5. Missing work is fun…..for the first couple of days.  After 2 weeks, not so much.

6. Never again will I ever take showering for granted.

7. If I have a Harry Potter book in hand, life is good.  Escaping to my favorite wizarding world is arguably just as effective pain medicament as that liquid happiness they send flowing through the IV.  Ahhh, that stuff is good.

8. My childhood dream of having a cast to prance around in was stupid.  Casts are dumb.

9. Just because a woman is over the age of 75, it does not mean she is as sweet as your grandmother.  It so does not mean that.  It actually couldn’t mean that any less (can you tell I had a very bad experience with my 80 year old roommate?).  Oh, and whose idea was it to stick 3 people in a tiny hospital room, anyway?  #iamaspoiledamericancanyoutell?

10.   If you have a cyst on your hand and you ignore it (per dermatologist’s recommendation, mind you) , it very well could explode!  And your hand will most likely swell, swell, swell.  And the doctors will most likely have to cut that hand open so the bones won’t break from the swelling.  And you might develop a cyst-related infection which causes you to vomit your life away.  And so you’ll live in the hospital for awhile.  And that’s how it all begins.  (I’m still in the process of figuring out how it ends, but don’t be fooled by my dramatic account; everything will be fine….I think).


*Post inspired by Miss A and Heidi , who recently ‘tagged’ me in the “Tell us some facts about yourself!” game. 

ghost sighting with caroline

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

spoiler alert: we're the ghosts

i'm learning just how polar opposite me and caroline are in our personalities.  i tend to sugarcoat things and people-please, while caroline tends to speak her mind all the time.
case in point:

my friend karol was driving us to poland awhile back and he kept swerving haphazardly in an out of lanes on the highway (no, mom, you shouldn’t freak out right now).  we were driving in the right lane of a 3-lane highway and as he signaled to enter the middle lane he said to us, “i’m always so curious about would happen if 2 cars switched to the middle lane at the same time – one from the right and one from the left.  yeah…i’ve always wondered about that”.

as i was laughing awkwardly/nervously and making little remarks like, “oh, yes, that’s an interesting and normal thought to have….” caroline, leaning forward from the backseat, interjected with, “we die.  that’s what happens.”  then, leaning back in her seat again, she rolled her eyes, sighed loudly, and shook her head – clearly exasperated.

have i ever mentioned how much i love caroline?

pretty soon, i’ll share some photos of our time in poland and explain how we got from poland to spain in what i can only describe as the fourth-worse travel experience of all time.

speaking of bathroom pics...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

another photo in the bathroom….
(photo taken at the wroclaw airport bathroom in poland)DSC00350
and hey, this time last year, i was also taking a photo an airport bathroom.  see?  see?? (and with the same scarf, too…)
that means i’ve been jenni austria germany-ing for over a year now…… 
one of the best years of my life.  big thanks to austria.  medium-sized thanks to germany. (we can’t be over-the-moon in love with every country, can we?)   maybe i’m just bitter right now because i’m still typing with one hand only.  but….drum roll….tomorrow (i think, i pray, i hope!) i’ll get my cast off….  which means no more shaving my legs in the sink one-handedly (talk about a 60 minute time suck)….which means things might be looking up for me.
until then, i’ll keep watching the rest of the office season 6 (i’m way behind).  i’m in the process of downloading it on itunes because what else are you supposed to watch after you finish the talented mr. ripley?  creepiest. movie. ever. 
oh, but even after my unintended 6 month hiatus from this show, i still maintain that my top 3 characters are phyllis, creed and angela.  honorable mentions: andy, erin, kelly.  characters i’m not crazy about:  stanley, meredith, oscar… or kevin – how could i forget kevin?!  and i think my favorite episode is still ‘cafe disco’.  i know every one was really curious about that.
well, gonna get back to the ‘murder’ episode.  angela is mad that her character in the murder mystery game is ‘voodoo mama juju’ and she’s blaming her involvement in the dark arts on her exposure to harry potter.  love it.

joey's pizza

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i saw i had 27 comments on yesterday's post and was so excited to read them, and then blogger crashed and deleted the comments.

so not only am i annoyed by that, but i am further annoyed because i’m typing with one hand (cast on the left).  and frustrated because i’m hunrgy and have no food but can’t go outside to walk to the store since it’s raining and i can’t get my cast wet.  but i have to eat something in order to take my 12 pain pills/anti-inflammatory meds/antibiotics (which also make my stomach hurt).  so i guess i will order a pizza.  but then again, i woke up this morning and my phone seems to have vanished in the night.  don’t you hate when that happens?  so instead of sulking and wishing i were in the o'malley's bathroom in salzburg taking bathroom pics with caroline/kayla/lindsay (why are those so fun?), i guess i’ll just use skype to call the pizza company.  because the rain is a perfect excuse to order pizza, redeem the last itunes gift card from my valentine’s care package and watch movies all day while eating pizza in bed, only to count my money and walk down to the corner store to get a snickers (if i have in between 1 euro and 5 euros) or a ben and jerry's pint (if i have just under 5 euros).  and at least i have 2 hands, casts or no casts. 

and at least the pizza is so, so good.

day 4 in hospital

Thursday, May 12, 2011

here are some things i’m thankful for! maybe i’ll stop feeling sorry for myself if i think about these:

+surgery went well/no amputations necessary

+not eating for a week means my first meal is going to be really special (same goes for showering)

+i have really selfless friends who travel long distances every day to see me and bring me presents

+after getting blood drawn every morning and shots in my stomach every afternoon, i've almost conquered my fear of needles!

+finally found a food i cam keep down without vomiting (snickers!!!!)

+i've learned a lot of new german words

all this because a tiny little cyst exploded inside my hand, wreaking havoc/infection on my body……stupid, huh?  real stupid, if you ask me.

this is one of my favorite photos

Sunday, May 8, 2011

because it’s my favorite mom in the world + my favorite city in the world.

10 (2)

happy mother’s day, mom!

thanks for being my favorite mom ever.

maybe next year’s mother’s day, i can actually spend with you….that sounds pretty ideal to me.

your youngest daughter loves you….a lot! (and misses you a terrible amount).


one of the happiest moments of my life

Saturday, May 7, 2011

was introducing my parents to a place i hold so dear to my heart.  it felt really surreal because my  life there was so fantastic that it often felt like a dream.  having my parents visit, though, somehow confirmed that it was actually a reality; a collision of two worlds, if you will.  i was so thrilled (though not surprised) that they loved my city and i think i was probably glowing with pride the whole time.  i get such strong pangs of longing and nostalgia when i recall any memory from salzburg but the memories from their visit are particularly special to me.

since it’s almost mother’s day…..i thought i would post some more photos of their visit, in hopes that it makes my mom smile!


my dad, pointing to some kind of fruit or vegetable at the market in universitaetplatz.  i don’t know why he was pointing.  chances are he didn’t know why either.:


i think we got ice cream every day.  for only a euro, why not?:2

me, standing in front of one of my classroom buildings on rudolfskai:


my parents in caroline’s and my room.  i miss that room; one of the best living situations i’ve ever had…  and, coincidentally, the only time i’ve ever shared a room with someone.  i did, however, hate those horrid curtains….:


mirabell gardens, looking as beautiful as ever.  i was particularly excited about showing my parents this since my mom is such a sound of music fan.:5

one of the dwarves in mirabell gardens (there are dozens and my dad loved them!  he took a picture of every single one, which made me really happy.):


what i originally thought was a tribute to president obama, since i arrived in salzburg weeks after his inauguration.  turns out, it’s just a man on a gold ball.:7

salzburg, i love you.:8

mozart’s statue in mozartplatz:


my dad, standing in front of their hotel.  i loved this hotel!  it’s located just outside of salzburg near the base of the untersberg mountain so they had to take a bus to and from town each day, which really stressed them out (they couldn’t ever remember the name of their bus stop).  silly parents. :10yes 

great….now i miss my parents.  i don’t miss salzburg, though – i’m there right now!  :)

does traveling make anyone else a little delirious?

Friday, May 6, 2011

a look into the nonsensical communication that so often seems to define caroline’s and my very, very odd friendship (and don’t worry if you don’t understand what we’re talking about because, chances are, we don’t either):
“caroline… to me, not the schnitzel.”
“jenni, let’s think of names i could use if i ever needed to join a gang.  i’m thinking rapunz-punz, because my hair’s getting longer.  oh!  that reminds me…i’ve decided to name my next dog kanye but i’m gonna spell it konyay.” 
“caroline, i know i look more like audrina than LC, but my outfit is totally LC today, you know?  i mean, an oversized shirt and leggings?  so lauren!  audrina would be wearing a wifebeater and cutoffs, you know?  yeah…. today i’m saying nooooo to justin bobby and hellooooo to brody jenner.” 
“jenni, remember professor neunherz? {editor’s note: neun herzen means nine hearts} he was so attractive.  sometimes i wish i had been a cat in salzburg, so i could’ve been, like, ‘hey, professor neunherz!  i’ll give you one of my lives if you give me one of your hearts!’ “
bear in mind that absolutely no drugs or alcohol were involved in the making of these conversations……. we’re just that weird.

this. is. adorable.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

equally adorable:

{I'm not one of those people who bought commemorative royal wedding plates and I didn't wear a Prince Charles mask while attending an official wedding watch party (ahem, Emily) but I've suddenly found myself so fascinated by British culture, Kate Middleton's posture and the concept of a royal family in general -- or maybe just the fact that these 2 princes have never known (and will never know) anonymity and what must that be like, anyway?}

also adorable (in a different way) and sad, too (particularly the last 10 seconds):


And in American news - or rather, "news" : so that's how it happened.
Also, here (<-- the comment section of this one is quite entertaining).

a few of my favorite things

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1.  Vöslauer water

This flavored water is everywhere in Austria, yet really hard to come by in Germany (at least where I live).  I got so excited when I passed this advertisement in Salzburg and posing like this in front of it seemed like a really normal thing to do.


2.  Cafe Schatz

Located just off of the famous Getreidegasse, Cafe Schatz is a Salzburg staple (remember?).  When Lindsay, Caroline, Kayla and I went there during this trip, an older man sitting behind us overheard us speaking English.  When he found out we were American, he said, “Well, I’m American, too!  I married an Austrian girl, though, and moved to Salzburg.  Even though I love America –especially California, my home – Salzburg is my life.  I’ll never leave.”  We said something along the lines of, “To say we can relate would be an understatement”.  We then told explained that the day we had to leave Salzburg was the worst day of our lives and that we’d all move back in a heartbeat if we could.  He said, “You know, my wife and I tried to leave once.  We owned a beautiful home in the hills of Napa Valley.  It was a wonderful house, overlooking an incredible vineyard and we thought we should move there to raise our kids.  Well, the day we arrived in California, my wife and I laid on the bed and cried because we missed the Alps so much.  There’s no place in the world like Salzburg.  We moved back to Austria immediately and raised our children there.  I've never regretted it once.  ” …and this is why we talked to him for 3o minutes and then met up for lunch with him later.  We have his business card now, too.  He’s, like, 80 years old and reminds me of Jimmy Stewart.  So….we’re basically best friends.


3.  Reyna

I first professed my love for Reyna in this post and not much has changed since.  We celebrated Kayla’s 23rd birthday there last month (complete with Disney Princess plates and cups and napkins we found on sale at “the euro store”) and I’d like to think it the best birthday party she’s ever had.  The best part:  it wasn’t even her birthday!


In related news, I’m kind of done to be glad with that puff coat for awhile.  It did absolutely nothing for my figure…but it was so perfect for smuggling curly fries.

the things we do for mcdonald’s

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You know how on Friends they have Central Perk and on How I Met Your Mother they have MacLaren’s?  Well, we have one of those in Salzburg and it’s called O’Malley’s.  And we like to say we run that place and we sort of actually do run that place because we know the staff and they let us do whatever we want, whenever we want.

Yet I was still so reluctant when Caroline said, “Let’s go get some McDonald’s fries and bring them back here and eat them!”. 

See, here’s the thing about McDonald’s in Austria (yes, there’s “a thing”):  Austrians (for the most part) are pretty strict about what goes into their food.  For this reason, they are very proud to say that their McDonald’s ingredients are 100% Austrian, which means the fries taste incredible (made with homegrown, local-ish potatoes).  Also, they don’t just sell “french fries”.  They sell curly fries, waffle fries and potato dippers (which are, like, really fat fries aka the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted).  Germany doesn’t have these options, for some reason.  So whenever we cross the border to Austria, we usually find a way to add “eat McDonald’s fries” to our itinerary.  And that’s all we order there – fries; never an actual meal (although I’ve been known to order the occasional “spontaneous strawberry milkshake”).  So that’s why Caroline suggested that we get fries and bring them back to O’Malley’s (because why would we want to eat them at McDonald’s?  that’s just not fun).

But since O’Malley’s sells food, I figured it would be frowned upon to waltz right in carrying bags of McDonald’s fries.

But at the same time, I really wanted those fries. 

Which is how I went from the initial hesitance:DSC00163   

to collecting everyone’s money, trekking through the cold to buy 4 orders of fries and hiding the bag under my coat so i could smuggle them inside without being questioned:DSC00191

(oh and surely that can’t be grease on the bag……I probably just dropped it in a puddle or something.)

I should mention that I pitched the idea of having a “fry party” under the table, out of fear that we were all “going to get kicked out!!!!!” - a notion at which my friends scoffed (and rightfully so, I do admit).  However, I should also mention that these same friends assured me we could eat them in plain sight ever so discreetly, which is what we ended up doing.  I thought we’d pulled this off well enough until our friend Danny, the O’Mally’s manager, later told me, “Of course we saw you eating those fries; you were passing the bag around and taking photos.  We just didn’t kick you out because we like you.” 

See what I mean?  We run that place.

2 things for the 2nd.

Monday, May 2, 2011

1. The other day, I took off my hoodie and my arms hit the ceiling. I know I blame a lot of things on my dad, but....I don't really see how this one can be blamed on anyone else, since he is over 6' tall....and my mom's...not.

2. Once upon a time (2008, I do believe), I accidentally cut my bangs myself and they ended up covering only half my forehead. Wanna see?

If that's not a deep and meaningful blog post for you, I don't know what is.

Oh, and I commented on facebook today that being in Bavaria on May 2, 2011 is like living in the Muggle world the day after Harry defeated Lord Voldemort.  It’s a very strange feeling.
Other facebook statuses of note:
    • 1.  Osama Bin Laden 2.  Waldo 3. Carmen Sandiego
    • And that’s how the USA outdoes the Royal Wedding.
    • I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he had more important things to do than look for his birth certificate?