beware the ides of march.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

i suppose that if i wanted to be really cute and clever about this, i’d have scheduled this post for march 15.

but sometimes, really important things (read: all things ryan-gosling-related) just can’t wait.  speaking of – did anyone else notice the alarming lack of ryan gosling at the oscars tonight?  i, for one, found it very offensive.

anyway, we all know that if i’m going to be talking about any movie in march, it will be the hunger games.  so without further ado, i present to you… the ides of march.


during what i so originally declared “ryan gosling movie week” (otherwise known as the week following a surgery i had), i laid around all day long, watching – you guessed it – ryan gosling movies (one of which was documented here).


i know i ranted and raved about drive, but i think i might have liked ides of march better.  i’m not sure.  i watched it twice in a row, which is something i often do, mostly because i studied film a little bit in college and grew accustomed to watching movies over and over and over again (in order to get those 1,000 or 2,000 or however many movie-related words out of my head and onto the paper) as a result. 
{if you’re thinking that i mention this whole ‘studying film in college’ thing a lot, you’re correct.  in fact, you could probably base a drinking game on the frequency with which i weave that information into my blog posts.  what can i say? i loved my film classes.}
after watching this movie twice, i was (and still am) aching to discuss the ending with someone.  i have so many theories!  there’s theory #1 (supported by the works of william shakespeare) as well as theory #2 (which falls under the ‘laughing in the face of idealism’ umbrella) and i just want to discuss these theories with someone


but alas, there will be no discussions here.  because i don’t want to spoil the ending of what i think is a great movie.  so, instead, i’ll safely note that  ryan gosling and evan rachel wood have a lot of chemistry in this movie, and i think that surprised me a little bit.  i mean, it’s not ‘ryan gosling + emma stone in crazy stupid love chemistry’, but it’s close! 
{can we pause for a second and imagine something?  if that it-girl (emma) and this it-guy (ryan) were a real life couple?   just think of it – the 2012 world would explode!}
but i digress.  what was i talking about?  oh yeah, the ides of march.  i really liked it.  the end.
p.s. eva mendes is stupid.

photo (21)

highlight of my day

Thursday, February 23, 2012

have been so under the weather (physically and emotionally) lately

but today i had a major pick-me-up moment

when i opened a care package from  emily :

an assortment of milka bars and ritter sports (my favorite treats in germany).



although i loved the sweet treats (and inhaled the white chocolate ritter sport in 3 minutes flat),

i decided my favorite part of the box’s contents

was the 3D ‘gute besserung’ (‘get well soon’ in german)  postcard

with a funny note written on the back.


she also sent me this

but did i mention she’s my favorite?


in related news, making .gifs is kinda fun!

my favorite friend in all of austria

Monday, February 20, 2012

(eva & me at a party during our summer in vienna)

eva, my austrian bff, studied abroad in the US during her teen years and speaks perfect english with absolutely no accent whatsoever.  can i just say for the 100th time how extremely rare this is?!  what’s even more impressive to us americans who know/love her is that her sense of humor is so american; we never have to stop and explain a beat of our sarcasm because she never misses one.  i can’t say this about any other euro friend i have…and i have a lot of ‘em!  while i firmly believe that cultural differences make the world go ‘round, sometimes it’s just so nice to have someone who understands you that well.  i feel like i grew up with this girl (when, in reality, where i grew up is a far cry from the alps). 

eva and i recently skyped, and even without the context of our conversation, i think the excerpts below stand alone as pretty darn funny.  and if you don’t find them amusing in the slightest, you can at least admire her american-sounding-ness, can’t you?
“i mean, he’s kind of a psycho, but a really sweet psycho, don’t you think?”
“you’ll move to vienna next, right?  i mean, it’s not even a question.  you don’t even have a choice.  because my apartment is huge and i only take up 1/4 of my bed, so the other 3/4s are just calling your name.”
“skyping with you makes me realize how much i miss your hair.”
“and then, as we girls do, i broke up with him because i liked another boy who, turns out, didn’t like me back! whaaaat?!”
“oh, one more thing!  when you move back to vienna, will you be my maid?  i could probably pay you sometimes.”
she’s the greatest.  end of story.

from the top of the untersberg (otherwise known as “maria’s mountain”)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

in the sound of music’s famous opening sequence, maria runs down from the mountain, bursts into the abbey in a frenzy, and apologizes for her tardiness, excusing herself by blurting out to her fellow nuns, “i was on my mountain!” (or something to that effect; my copy of the dvd is in europe and, alas, i am not!).

fun fact: i’ve been to nonnberg abbey (the nonfictional convent, home to maria and her sisters) and the distance between its location and the untersberg mountain is…..very far.  in reality, it would have taken, like, days for maria to run from ‘her mountain’ to the abbey.

i got a couple of new emails last week, asking for salzburg travel tips (seriously, that city should be paying me by now…or at least naming a street after me?!) and i thought of yet another salzburg must-see (in addition to all of these recently listed to-dos).

the untersberg mountain is accessible by bus (bus 25 is the one i’ve always taken, but i’m sure there are others).  you can pay a small fee (19 euros, i want to say?) to ride a cable car to the mountain top and back down again.  once you reach the mountain’s peak (the height of which is just shy of 7,000 ft), you can drink a beer, eat a schnitzel, or just stand there looking toward the edge, trembling in fear, which is exactly what i did.  heights are not my friend.

when my parents and i visited, it looked nothing like maria’s mountain.  it was covered in snow and a little bit freezing, but wonderfully majestic nonetheless.

photo (38)photo (49)DSC01593kimhp7DSC01599
[photos: me, the untersberg in all its glory, my mom, my dad, a woman i do not know on skis]
also, can you believe some people bring their own skis and poles and cruise around the mountaintop with them?  such an austrian thing. if only i had been born on skis and raised in the alps, too... as for my parents and i, we were content standing around taking photos until it was time to eat again. it was great!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway! {–biggest giveaway yet!–}

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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oh my gorgeous.

Monday, February 6, 2012

you can imagine my delight when i came across this photo yesterday.

anewjewel for jenni

christopher plummer! what a stud.

yesterday was february 5th, and february 5th will always mean a little something to me.  on february 5th, 2009, i hopped on a plane and moved to salzburg, austria – to the very alps seen in the above photo.  i chose to leave austria and move to germany and i'm so glad i did, but sometimes.... i am overwhelmed with homesickness for my musically lively hills.

2009 was such a memorable year -- the year i emailed my parents back in the states and said, "sorry, not coming home, gonna stay here forever" -- but 2012 has some pretty good things in store for me….. just you wait.  operation "living in the present moment"!

p.s. yes, this post is similar to this one.  it’s fine!
p.p.s. i was talking about this last year, too.  whoops!

i’m alive (and feeling the need to share my movie opinions, evidently).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

a few consecutive sick days turned into one excessively long movie marathon, which turned into.... this post right here.

10. The Dark Knight
when the dark knight trailer first premiered on the apple trailer website (aka my homepage), my roommate kaitlyn and i were obsessed.  we called it right then and there as we watched it 4 times in a row, “oscar nom.  he’s unreal.”  i don’t know if it was a week or a month later when the news broke that he’d died but i still remember where i was when i looked at my blackberry and read this text message from kaitlyn: ummmm…heath ledger died.  i drove to meet her at our favorite coffee shop downtown, where all the customers were crowded around one person’s laptop, reading the reports.  even if he hadn’t died, i would still find his portrayal of ‘the joker’ absolutely chilling, but the fact that he wasn’t here to see how well-received his performance was makes this movie-watching experience all the more haunting.  just one question:  why the voice, christian bale?  why?!
DSC01593 (1)
favorite quote: “six?!”

9.  Memento
i’ve written a paper on it for one of my film classes, i’ve discussed it in depth with friends, i’ve replayed scenes over and over in my mind….no matter how many times i watch it, though, memento will never fail to a) confuse me and b) blow my mind.
photo (25)
favorite quote: “we all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. i'm no different.”
8. The Town
i was fascinated when i read that ben affleck consulted a group of convicted charlestown bank robbers before directing this movie and even based several scenes on true events.  and is there anything creepier than nuns robbing banks?  no.  especially nuns that look like….well, this:
favorite quote:  “….whose car are we gonna take?”
7. Fight Club
when it comes to this classic, i’m ‘team edward’ for sure.  everyone raves about brad pitt in fight club but i’m not convinced.  actually, no – i’m not ‘team edward’, i’m ‘team helena’.  she’s a riot.  also, this movie has one of the most memorable last scenes of all time…. chills, just thinking about it. 
favorite quote: “you met me at a very strange time in my life…”
6. The Departed
martin scorsese directs with such originality that his work could be presented anonymously and cinephiles would still leave the theater saying, “well, scorsese’s done it again”.  i’m reminded of that most while watching the departed more so than any other scorsese film (the matt damon shower scene comes to mind in particular).  and how can you not love that it’s inspired by one of the most famous mob bosses of all time?  i normally find jack nicholson annoying, but his portrayal of frank costello (the character based on whitey bulger) is pretty legendary.
Family river
favorite quote: “When you decide to be something, you can be it. That's what they don't tell you in the church. When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?”
5. The Social Network
i’m hesitant to advertise that a movie starring justin timberlake is in my ‘top 10 favorite movies’ (let alone ‘top 5’), but it’s not my fault; this screenplay is like candy to me.  also, i just love those winklevoss twins (obligatory disclaimer: but ONLY when played by arnie hammer and NOT in real life…ew).
anewjewel for jenni
favorite quote: “i’m 6’5”, 220 and there’s two of me.”
4. Goodfellas
this movie.  does it get any better than this movie?  well, according to me, there are at least 3 movies that get better than this one…  but i don’t know.  goodfellas is so phenomenal,  i’m starting to wonder why i’ve ranked it at #4.  it’s a widely held belief that martin scorsese’s knowledge of music, and how to use it in film, is paralleled by no other.  goodfellas demonstrates that beautifully.  it’s just a masterpiece.  (and deniro at his best, in my opinion.)  there are so many famous shots in this movie, one of which is below.
favorite quote: “as far back as i can remember, i always knew i wanted to be a gangster.”
3. The Darjeeling Limited
i know, i know – i’m crazy for thinking that this is wes anderson’s gem, and that most people would argue it’s rushmore, bottlerocket or maybe even the fantastic mr. fox.  but i don’t care.  this movie is my wes anderson movie.  maybe it’s because the soundtrack is awesome, maybe it’s because i love jason schwartzman, maybe it’s because i’ve ridden quite a few overnight trains (albeit never through india).   maybe it’s because i’m one of 3 girls and the 3 brothers’ dynamic strikes a chord with me.  maybe it’s simply because i’ve broken my nose to the point that it almost looks as crooked as owen wilson’s.  beats me.  the darjeeling limited makes me cry, and i love it.
photo 1
favorite quote: “i wonder if the 3 of us would have been friends in real life; not as brothers, but as people.”
2. Inglorious Basterds
speaking of pretentious hipsters, i know most of them deem quentin tarantino too mainstream and irrelavant in this post - pulp fiction era, but i think he’s brilliant.  combine his artistic vision and absurdity, brad pitt’s southern accent, the german languauge, hottie til schweiger and the amazing christoph waltz (who puts the fear of GOD in me) with david bowie’s ‘cat people’ and what do you get?  my #2 favorite movie: inglorious basterds
favorite quote: “Now, I'm the di-rect descendant of the mountain man Jim Bridger. That means I got a little Injun in me”
1. You’ve Got Mail
enough with the mafia, boston accents, guns and violence.  you may have forgotten somewhere between movies #10 and two, but i am a girl, thank you very much.  and my favorite movie of all time is a girly one.  you’ve got mail came out before tom hanks looked a man nearing 60 and before meg ryan looked like joan rivers.  i’ve watched it more than any other movie i own and i know it backwards and forwards, line for line (so does this girl, by the way).  i’ll never tire of this movie.  and i’ll never hear the phrase “it’s not personal, it’s business” without inwardly shedding a tear in bereavement over kathleen kelly’s charming shop around the corner.  and to this day, when i see a man walking a golden retriever down the street,  i hear tom hanks’ voice in my head saying, “brinkley is my dog.”
favorite quote: “it’s like those people who brag because they’re tall.”

German chocolate giveaway! {& a giveaway winner}

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just the other day, when I posted about these chocolates, a bunch of people commented that they wanted some…

Well, I am nothing if not perceptive.

So today I have a little treat for you.


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