the beatles store in london.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012




one afternoon in london, i rode the tube by myself to the beatles store (where i bought this poster). 

it’s right next to the elvis store and rumor has it that the beatles store owner and the elvis store owner have a longtime mutual hatred for one another.  ;)

both stores are super touristy and cheesy, but…i loved them!  if you’re ever in london, be sure to stop by and tell them i sent you.  (they won’t know who i am, but i like to feign importance.)

also, the clock is ticking on this giveaway.  enter away!

london highlights

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

photo (57)
photo (28)R1-06399-0009
photo (26)photo 2 (20)
my favorite memories from london:
1. chunneling into london from paris while my sister sobbed her way through harry potter and the deathly hallows
2. having an hour long conversation with the same sister about the phenomenon that is kim kardashian’s bottom half (that would cheer anyone up after some post-potter depression, would it not?)
3. getting chills as we arrived at king’s cross
4.  sleeping the day away in the comfy hotel bed while my family rode the london eye (fear of heights + stomach bug = one big london eye veto)
5. visiting platform 9 3/4 (i like to pretend i was the only one who broke through the barrier…when in reality, all 3 of us did)
6. venturing out at the crack of dawn, half-asleep (as evidenced by the above photo, which even black and white editing cannot mask), to visit abbey road with my parents
7.  girls’ night at out at mamma mia!

au revoir, paris.

Monday, March 26, 2012

a few parting shots to round up the ‘paris with my family’ recap:

photo 3 (16)

maybe notphoto 2 (23)


DSC03258 (2)DSC03388baselJAG5

photo 5 (11)baselJAG3photo 1 (15)

photo 1 (9)


just looking at these pics makes me realize that paris with my family was really something special.  now that there are two little babies coming into the mix later on this year (!!!!), i don’t know if there will be another time that the group of us can travel across europe together, so  i’d say this trip was pretty ‘once-in-a-lifetime’.

but the recap isn’t quite over yet…next stop: london!

accomodations in paris

Thursday, March 22, 2012

baselJAG2karamel korn

photo (15)photo 2 (5)photo 2 (8)

each of the few visits i’ve made to paris have been uniquely memorable in their own way.  i don’t know if i could pinpoint which trip stands out as my very favorite, but i have to say that paris with my family wins in the lodging department.  i’d stay here (or a place like this) again in a heartbeat;  having a homey environment to come home to after a long, tiring day of walking and sight-seeing is such a relaxing feeling.  plus, it was next to the moulin rouge!  we never bumped into ewan mcgregor, though.  not sure why….

midnight in paris

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

midnight, or…twilight.
baselJAG4photo 1 (12)

i’m not obsessed with the touristy sights of paris.  i’ll take meandering through the latin quarter over waiting in line at notre dame, the louvre and museum d’orsay any day of the week.
but…the eiffel tower wins me over every time.  especially at dusk.  those twinkly lights are magic.

just like marie antionette

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


100_1329 (2)

no2100_1336 (2)photo 1 (25)

photo (6)R1-06399-0016DSC01599

^^ that’s my dad! ^^

while in versailles, i couldn’t stop a) singing ‘killer queen’ and b) quoting jason schwarzmann in sofia coppola’s marie antionette (“ooh, your feet are like icicles!” being my most frequently recited line).  i think that movie is so aesthetically pleasing… versailles in real life isn’t so bad, either. ;)

from the bottom of the tower to the top

Sunday, March 18, 2012

247550_10100479967508110_4920974_62187748_5572977_nblog4kimcakes3photo 2 (18)photo (34)

photo 2 (18)

paris is pretty, huh?


p.s. i’m drawing a winner for the hunger games giveaway tonight.  only a few hours left to enter!

^^giveaway winners from last week’s giveaway are linked at the bottom of that post! ^^

some of my favorite paris memories

Wednesday, March 14, 2012




some of my favorite memories of paris with my family:

+eating ice cream every day, twice a day (ice cream that my mom famously deemed, “the best ice cream in ameri—i mean, paris”).

+ sending my parents on a surprise dinner cruise along the seine river

+ meeting up with my sisters at the H&M counter with clothes piled up to my eyeballs (we’re not going to talk about how much money i spent there)

+spending an afternoon getting lost in top shop (again, choosing to ignore the amount of money spent there)

+perusing local shops and street markets, bringing home fresh food each day to the quaint little loft we rented

+watching three of my family members order cokes at an outdoor restaurant and observing the look of horror on my dad’s face when he realized each beverage was 7 euro 50 (over $10)

+somehow experiencing no jet lag whatsoever, and having enough energy to cartwheel in front of the eiffel tower as the sun went down

the best way to travel (my family goes to paris)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

day1aDSC03216 (3)
airport exhaustion
exhausting layovers
paired with flights that never seem to end,
on top of hour-long lines winding through customs
followed by standing at the baggage claim carousel for what feels like forever…
being able to travel is a huge blessing
and i hope to always be able to visit new cities and experience new cultures
but sometimes….traveling sucks.
and after traveling alone for quite some time,
i’ve come to one conclusion in particular:
never again will i take family trips for granted.
family makes everything better.
and if it doesn’t make everything better, it at least makes everything funnier.
that much, i know for sure.